ESA Network Budapest Event

ESA Network Event Program Agenda  

September 18th-20th
Budapest, Hungary

Program Agenda

13:00-18:00​ Preparational internal working group meetings​
16:00-19:00​ Technology Broker internal meeting​
18:00-19:00​ ESA BIC internal meeting​
18:30-19:00​ Arrival to the evening party​
19:00-22:00​ Welcome party with light dinner and music​
22:00-22:30​ Bus transfer to the city centre​
23:00​ Possibility to stay – end of party​

​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​
09:00-09:30Arrival and Registration 
09:30-09:45Official opening of the ESA Network Event​
09:45-10:30Panel: Unlocking Innovation: ESA’s Contribution to Space Startup Trajectories ​
10:30-10:45Coffee break​
11:00-11:30Prepare for Space - how to implement opportunities for the Network 
11:30-12:00Tech Transfer Competitions
12:00-14:00Lunch and email catch-up​
14:00-15:00​ESA recap and updates
15:00-15:20EPIC + Sustainability​
15:20-15:45Coffee break​
15:45-16:15ESA investor network and scaleup market​
16:30-18:00Workshop: Alumni management for ESA BICs & Technology Brokers​
Location: Városliget Café​
20:00-23:00​Dinner and welcoming BIC Alumni startups and EPIC partners​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​​​ ​ ​​​​​​​​​
09:00-12:00​Moonwalk through Budapest – a morning city walk​​
12:00-13:00Lunch at the House of Millenium​​
We strongly encourage you to stay for the EPIC and Alumni Event, it being an extension of the ESA Network Event!​​
13:00-13:15EPIC greetings by Joana Kamenova (streamed)​​
13:15-14:00​EPIC Beginnings - Get to know our partners – (streamed)​​
14:00-14:30​EPIC Panel: Sustainability of space through partnership​
14:30-15:00​Coffee break​​
15:00-16:30ESA BIC Alumni workshop with Paris Noble For alumni​​​​
15:00-16:30​ESA and EPIC Townhall ​​For ESA network + EPIC partners 
16:30-16:45Break  ​​
16:45-17:30EPIC rounding up and closing: building a space ecosystem​​
17:30-17:45​Closing: Rounding up the event​​
Location: Tesla Loft​​
19:30-20:00​Arrival at the venue​​
20:00-00:00​EPIC Afterparty: Closing with a big bang​

Our contact info 

You can reach us via WhatsApp 


Anna Arató


Sophia Hanson


Kata Holecz


Meet the ESA BIC Alumni 

As part of the ESA BIC Alumni Program, we welcome the attending startups into our Network to increase collaboration between the alumni, BIC Managers, Technology Brokers and ESA.  

Danish Graphene 

For industrial applications, Danish Graphene develops functionalised graphene and green graphene oxide. In existing products, functionalised graphene can easily be dispersed into materials. 

Space Lock-Dynamics 

Space Lock-Dynamics  provides the world’s most affordable space mechatronic components that spacecrafts use on board while meeting premium reliability and quality needs at the same time. They strive to become one of the world’s leading suppliers of mechatronic components for spacecrafts.  

Circuits Integrated 

Circuits Integrated is a dynamic technology company developing innovative solutions and products for Satcom, 5G & IoT industry. The innovative chip designs that CI offers are about to become key to a new generation of phased array antennas for 5G and LEO-MEO.  


Located in Germany, SPACE800X for Business Solution GmbH has developed with SMARKT a pure B2B platform for different space stakeholders: experts, BICs and TTs companies. SMARKT offers companies marketing, sales and purchasing solutions for industrial technologies, service products and B2B events individually or in combination, and gives investors access to top investment firms. SMARKT is a fully automated software offering from an integrated fraud prevention system to a shop, billing and payment processing system.


Bitrezus focuses on developing sustainable and innovative technological solutions that address the critical infrastructures of society for a safer and more resilient planet. Their vision includes creating state-of-the-art cybersecurity solutions for the space economy, by protecting the assets and their operations through leveraging AI and Blockchain stacks. 

Space Manic 
Czech Republic

Providing flight proven innovative and reliable nanosatellite solutions, platforms, components, and services, Space Manic is a small satellite mission integrator.In addition to onboard computers, power systems, and solar panels, the company specializes in designing, developing, and testing fundamental small satellite components. 

The Exploration Company 

The Exploration Company is a European spacecraft manufacturer that develops, manufactures and operates the Nyx space capsule for space agencies, space stations as well as space and non-space companies. 


X-Tract helps sport event organizers to enhance the safety of their races, thanks to a mobile application distributed to all participants. The application aims to allow rescuers to intervene quicker if a problem occurs. 


Mindrove develops a specialized neurofeedback system, called neuroMoon to maintain the health of astronauts while increasing their performance. 

27G Technology

27G-Technology is a research and development company that provides new state-of-the-art, cost-effective, and easy-to-implement solutions for space and special ground applications. Besides that, the company is working to develop engineering ideas for a greener and cleaner environment. 

D3 Seeron 

D3 Seeron develops applications that have provided a solution to particular challenges, from large-scale data processing to image processing to the application of artificial intelligence. 

Space Apps Ltd. - Beebox project

BeeBox is a Smart Beehive solution that helps beekeepers make the right decisions based on measurements in the hive, and satellite data from the surrounding vegetation. 


RIDE! as one single objective, make access to space more reliable, convenient, and affordable, with unique expertise in launch brokerage, launch management, and launch integrated services.  

EPIC Partners 

The ESA Partnership Initiative for Commercialisation (EPIC) aims to empower entrepreneurship and enhance the commercial cases of European start-ups by channelling the leading European space companies into our network. 

Meet the representatives of the EPIC members! 


András Zlinszky, Community Evangelist 

Sinergise is a GIS software and data infrastructure company building solutions based on Earth Observation. Their mission is to democratize access to satellite imagery and to support sustainable management of our society and natural resources based on real-world data. They developed Sentinel Hub, the world first on-the-fly processing service for satellite imagery which now serves four hundred thousand users every month by more than 50 petabytes of data. 


Tom Greenwood, Strategic Account Manager  

ICEYE owns and operates the world's largest constellation of commercial synthetic aperture radar (SAR) satellites. Data can be collected day or night and in any weather conditions, allowing persistent access to very high-resolution imagery. As a European New Space company ICEYE was founded on the premise of making the impossible possible, with the idea that innovations in space tech can help solve the world’s biggest problems. 


Kevin Boverie, Head of Partnerships and Resellers (potential partner to EPIC)

UP42 empowers organizations to easily order, access, and analyze geospatial data. We want to support all ESA-BICs and the incubated companies in developing and commercializing their Earth Observation products and solutions. 


Kylian van Oosterhout, Business Development for Planet Labs 

At Planet Labs the mission of imaging the entire Earth every day, and making global change visible, accessible and actionable. They achieve this through operating the world's largest commercial satellite fleet and working extensively with partners, including ESA. 



Jara Pascual, Director (potential partner to EPIC)

Collabwith is a global standardized platform for innovation ecosystems. Their value proposal is to simplify, digitalize and accelerate the collaboration process. Collabwith has created a digital platform called EuroSpaceHub to connect local space communities around Europe.

Our efforts for a sustainable event  


Our goal is to provide an outstanding experience while maintaining a sustainable perspective. In addition to digital information sharing, sustainable catering vendors, and walk-distance accommodations, Design Terminal strives to create an event that is socially and environmentally sustainable. 

The sustainability efforts and commitments include:

  • reducing environmental footprint by implementing mindful waste selection and sourcing ingredients from local producers
  • creating a waste reduction strategy that involves recycling practices to minimize the amount of waste that ends up in landfills
  • involving startups that created solutions to support a sustainable future
  • incorporating reusable decor elements to support the environment by reducing waste and promoting sustainability
  • Infos on Budapest  


    By taxi:

    You can download the Bolt app or call Főtaxi under +36 1 222 2 222.

    Do not catch a cab from non-official taxi drivers, especially those that are present in the city centre.

    By bus:

    Budapest’s public transport system (BKK) is integrated into Google Maps. To plan your routes and buy tickets, you can download the official BKK app called BudapestGO.

    One-way tickets cost around 1 EUR and can be bought via the app or the purple vending machines at larger stations above the ground and the subway stations.

    The third oldest metro line of Europe, Metro 1, can take you to our main venue from the city centre.